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Cut and run

While sticking to a business plan even when times are hard is considered the right thing to do. Sometimes the issue is not your persistence, sometimes it’s just a bad business plan. Sometimes you get to a point where things are just not working and you have to find out what the problem is. Continue reading “Cut and run”

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Stop blaming the world, find out what works for you

In 1995 I started fixing computers. I was working for a lab that quickly grew to be the biggest lab in Holon (it wasn’t my lab I was an employee). After twelve years the business closed and I was forced to find another job. Continue reading “Stop blaming the world, find out what works for you”

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Your parents lived in a different world

People usually speak from experience. And your parents want you to have the best life you can possibly have. But when they give you advice they think of the world they new. The world where you had no choices. Where you worked for the same company for 50 years and excepted horrible treatment because that was all there was. Continue reading “Your parents lived in a different world”

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The first thing you should do when starting a business

A friend just visited me. He’s about to open a new business as a private chef. He comes to me from time to tame to talk about ideas he has and how he wants to make them a reality.

An important question he brought up tonight was, what is the first thing I should do when I start a new business. He had a small restaurant in the past. When the business failed he was one hundred thousand dollars in debt.

When he started the business he scouted a “good” location. Made sure all his dishes were perfect and employed a good friend to start with.  The one thing he didn’t emphasize was advertising. The most important thing you have to do when starting a business is to make sure you have clients.

Without people who buy your products your business is just a hobby. The advertisement should have a bigger budget than the property you lease or own. And a bigger budget than the inventory you keep. You can always rent a bigger place, always buy more inventory. But if people don’t know you exist you won’t sell anything.

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