Posted in Mindset

Your inner voice

Inner dialog is common, we all have it. But it’s not really inner dialog, it’s recordings of your fears being played back to you on a loop. Whenever you start something new notice that your inner voice tell you that you can’t do it. Not just that, it uses the exact phrasing and tone your mother used when she told you to get a real job. Or when your boss told you that you need to work harder.

Our subconscious mind is recording non-stop and being around people that constantly put you down is going to make your journey much harder. Your family means well, but maybe you shouldn’t tell them about every idea you have. As for friends, go out and have fun with them but don’t get excited about every idea like you just reinvented the wheel.

Napoleon Hill said once, that before you tell the world what you are about to do, show it. Think of it, once you have even a small success nothing they say can put you down. And now that you did it, you can get your inner voice to shut the hell up.


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