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Get used to doing things that might not work

Seth Godin Has a lot of good points. One idea I would like to share with you today is the idea of starting something just to see how it goes. You have ideas coming to you every day if not every hour. But you keep shooting them down, why not try them out? What do you have to lose?

You’re not going to hit the ball out of the park ever time we all know that. But when you sit on your ass complaining you’ve already lost. Instead of using that brain of yours to try things out and improve your life you’re using it to come up with reasons it’s not going to work. There will always be reasons, there will always be circumstances that disrupt your flow. So what?

Your job is to keep trying and failing anyway. I promise you that you can’t fail forever. At some point, you will hit a home run and then you’ll understand that you could have hit a lot more while you were sitting in the corner worrying about failing. You don’t get paid to worry, you get paid to ship.


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