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Promise less deliver more

whether you like it or not your clients are always judging you. They are always monitoring how well you deliver and if you meet the promises you made. Think of it, if you were supposed to get X amount of products delivered to your place of business and you got less. That means you can make less sales. And no matter what your supplier’s excuses are they don’t matter.

On the other hand, what if your supplier always over delivered? What if they alway did a better job than they promised? If that were the case I’m assuming you would never even think of replacing them, would you?

That’s where you want to be. You want to be the one supplier your clients base their businesses on. To get there you have to make sure you’re over-delivering on your promises. If you told your clients the shipment will be ready on Tuesday it has to be there on Monday. If you have a contract for X amount you have to make sure you have more just in case they need it.

Stability¬†is almost non-existent in today’s market. Make sure you take advantage of that.


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