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If you’re good no one remembers, if you’re bad no one forgets

Your products can be world class, but if your service is not as good your going to pay for it. Clients have a tendency to remember the negative aspects of their interaction with you. You could be perfect 99% of the time but the one time you made a mistake, the one day you woke up cranky is the experience they will remember.

I know it’s annoying but it’s a rule you have to remember. So that the next time a client get on your nerves you have to keep calm. He could be angry at something else that happened to him today and taking out on you. Misspaced as that might be if you add gasoline to that fire he will remember it forever.

That can manifest in reduced referrals or sales. Both cases are going to hurt you. Don’t aim to be right here aim to be smarter.


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