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Don’t think they are, know they are

I was talking to a friend that is used to being an employee. He’s very sharp but never thought of starting his own business. I was starting to question him to find out how he sees the world, and I finally understand something about his point of view.

He looks at challenges way in advance and does everything in his power to “stop” them from coming up. He limits his options, doesn’t take risks, and lives way below his capabilities just to make sure he doesn’t have to deal with anything new or complicated.

As a business owner, you have to understand that you can’t stop challenges from popping up. You have to condition yourself to handle them as they do. Challenges are what make us grow and hiding from them is not going to make them disappear. It’s only going to make them much harder to deal with.

So don’t think challenges might not pop up. Know they are and get ready to level up.


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