Good employees will eventually outgrow you

You try to get the best employees you can. But you don’t always take into account that good employees need to keep growing. The main difference between average people and overachievers is that the ladder is never happy with what they have or where they are.

While you have them on your team it’s best to learn from their experience.  They have most likely been around the block and they can improve a thing or two in your systems. I recently read this article about what you can do when employees leave you. I think that article makes a good point, you should take into account that good talented people will want to have their own business at some point.

Tom Bilyeu from quest not only excepts this fact but also encourages his employees to go into business for themselves. So why not do the same and keep in touch with past employees that might be your biggest supporters in the future.

I hope you found this post helpful, if so like it and share it with your friends. And while you’re at it, check out my ebook ‘level up your business’ a guide to starting your own business the right way.


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