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Every sales call end with a sale

I’m sure your thinking that’s not possible, who closes 100% of his sales calls? But that’s not what I said. For every sales call to end in a sale you don’t have to sell 100% of the time. It basically means that in every call you either sell your product or you buy the clients excuses. Either way, a sale takes place.

The first time I heard about this perspective I was working for a company called Cellcom. My manager was getting us all ready for the phones. At the time we had two major competitors selling similar services for a fraction of the price and we needed to keep as many customers as we possibly could.

The idea of not buying the client’s excuses meant that we had to find a solution for every type of excuse. If we would find a solution for everything the client throws at us and he still doesn’t want to leave that just means that he had his mind made up and there was nothing we could have done.

I used this method and was given three angry customers, on the verge of leaving us. I was able to retain all three of them by listening to what they said and helping them. If I couldn’t help on the spot I promised to look into the matter and call them back wich I did. Most clients just want to know that you’re looking out for them. Once you show them that you care they will make your job a lot easier.

I kept this mindset ever since and it’s worked like a charm.

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