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How to find and keep the right customers

When you first start your business, getting customers seems to be hard. But when you understand how advertisements work you notice you can get as many customers as you need.  Now you face another challenge, how do you get the right customers?

Booking yourself solid has its upsides, it makes you feel busy. You feel like your getting a lot done. But you have to ask yourself, are you maximizing your profits? In most cases, you’re not. The reason for that is that you are excepting anyone who wants to work with you. And you learn the hard way the not all customers are created equal.

What are the characteristics of a good customer?

A good customer pays on time, never cancels at the last minute. Is respectful of your time, And asked relevant questions. Yes I know, the perfect customer does not exist. Your job is to find the closest thing to a perfect customer.

At first, you fill up your schedule. After all, you have to get paid. Now comes the filtering process.

How to filter your customers?

At first, all customers start as a rated “A”, this means they still have not done anything wrong. The only way a customers rating can go down is if they do something wrong. Don’t get mad and lower you customers rating out of spite. This is business, and our goal is to maximize profitability.

A customer can commit minor or major sins. Minor sins are rescheduling and asking too many irrelevant questions. The worse this can hurt his rating is to drop down to a “B”. Major sins are things like not paying on time, or haggling over the price after he got the product or service. This can drop him all the way down to a “C” or “D”.

What do you do with this information once you have it?

The reasons the rating is based on a single letter is that it’s easy to add to your contacts on your phone. Now when a customer calls you, you can see what his rating is. You can know how to book him in your schedule.

Don’t worry about moving a “C” or “D” client back when an “A” calls you. What are they going to do? leave you? That’s the point. It’s going to be very hard to work with just “A” and “B”, though there are some service providers that work only with “A”.

This system might seem harsh to you. Give it some time, it’s going to make sense.

I hope you found this post helpful, if so like it and share it with your friends. And while you’re at it, check out my ebook ‘level up your business’ a guide to starting your own business the right way.


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