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The cube test


Wouldn’t you like to know what kind of person you’re dealing with? Whether we’re talking about a teammate or your life partner, it helps to understand how the other person’s mind works. I read a book called ‘The game’ by Neil Strauss a few years back and in it, I learned this cute game to help me start a conversation with women. I noticed that it’s also helpful to understand people in general. With time I researched it and came up with personality types depending on people’s answers.

The game is really simple, you ask someone to describe six objects in a room in as much detail as he can. A cube, a ladder, a vase of flowers, a cup, a horse and a hurricane. I’ll try to explain with as much detail as I can if you feel I have not covered something just leave a comment below and I’ll address it.

It’s important that you don’t tell that person you talk to what the objects mean so they don’t try to manipulate the test.

The cube

The cube is the way the person sees himself. Is it in the air or on the ground? This tells you about the person’s accuracy. Is he punctual? Is he calculated? If the cube is in the air he’s not.

Where is the cube in the room? Is it in the middle, side or the corner of the room. If it’s in the middle the person has a healthy ego. If it’s on the side the person always seems to have someone or something he considers more important than himself, could be a wife or his job. If it’s in the corner then that person had low self-esteem in some aspect of his life.

What color is the cube? The color will tell you more about the person.

Bule – means he’s reliable

Black – means he’s aggressive

White – means he’s good at covering his tracks

Red – means he’s an emotional person

Green – either means he likes the outdoors or he’s bad with technology

Pink and purple – are people pleasers

What material is the cube made of? The properties of the material will describe his personality.

Wood are warm people

Glass are people who like to impress and show power

Heavy metals are stubborn people

Plastic are people that will not show their true feelings

The ladder

The ladder is the person’s ambitions. How high does the ladder get? The higher the ladder the more ambitions the person has.

The flowers

The type of flowers don’t matter, but the number of colors the person describes, do. The flowers represent your close friends, the more colors the more close friends.

One color – about 2 – 3 close friends

Two colors – 3 – 5 close friends

Three colors or more – this is a partying type and has a lot of friends

The cup

The cup is the person’s sexuality, it doesn’t really matter what the glass contains we just ask to distract the subject.  The more liquid in the cup the hornier that person is.

The horse

Here’s where men and women are very different. A man will see the things he likes about his woman, while a woman will see the things she hates about her man. If a woman sees the horse like a man she’s probably a tomboy, and if a man sees the horse like a woman he might be gay (notice I said might be).

Women will say things like the horse is lazy and sleeps all day or is never around. While men will say things like the horse is beautiful or is close to the cube.

If a man sees the horse as a toy he’s probably not in a relationship, if a woman sees an exceptionally good looking horse she’s probably single (she’s seeing the perfect man, sorry girls it’s a myth).

The hurricane

The hurricane is unexpected challenges, and how you deal with them. People who are bad with challenges with say that the hurricane destroys everything, while people who don’t care or are not affected might say it does nothing.

People who run away from awkward situations will sweep the hurricane under the rug, and others who just don’t care will place it in a snow globe.

Try it out and have fun.

I hope you found this post helpful, if so like it and share it with your friends. And while you’re at it, check out my ebook ‘level up your business’ a guide to starting your own business the right way.


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