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Three strikes and you’re out


Whether you’re hiring a new employee, talking to clients or to your best friends you always making a sale. More times than not you’re selling yourself, or more precise you’re selling your word. You see, when you’re making any sale the other party has to trust you, if they don’t they won’t buy anything.

The three strike model

When you talk to people you automatically assume they understand everything you say. And not just your words but your intentions as well. If the other party didn’t understand you or worse was mislead by you three times you’re out. You will never make that sale, and you might (depending on the person) never sell to that client again.

As far as understanding goes you have to make sure you’re not using big words or technical terms the other side might not understand. It’s best to make sure your point gets across by asking from time to time if you’re both on the same page.

If you say something and do something else the other party will see that as misleading. Therefore it’s best not to commit to something unless you’re absolutely sure you can cover it. I mean sure as in you could do it with both hands tied behind your back and you’re blindfolded.

You might have done everything else perfectly, buy if you strike out three-time you’re out.

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