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The new standard

Overnight successes are a myth. Growth takes time and happens in increments. Increments of peaks and lows just like anything else. You have to get used to the fact that you’re going to have a very good day followed by a few days of declining sales. And even though the slow days are still better than the days you had before the peak you still feel disappointed that the peak is not the new standard.

This is the reason that you pay taxes annually, you can’t take a good or bad month as that standard. In business, you have to get used to the fact that there is no standard. You do the bast you can with what you have and tomorrow you do the same thing all over again.

In time you build your brand name but it doesn’t mean that you can afford to slack off and still have the same results. In business you get paid for your results, nobody cares that you’re a good person, or that you are doing your best.

You have to prove yourself every day.

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