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Stereotypes in business, the good, the bad, and the useless

It’s not considered politicly correct to refer to stereotypes, but tough luck this is a business. You need to make the decisions that will put food on your families table. And to do that you need to know who will buy and who is wasting your time.

Stereotypes for business is not the same breed that you knew at school. Here we are looking at types of customers relating to your niche. For instance, one type of customer might ask a lot of questions but never buy. Another might be in a hurry and you need to make sure everything is timely with him.

Unfortunately, no one can tell you what kind of client each person will be. But pretty soon you will start to see patterns emerging. You must notice these patterns and they will help you detect the type of customer you’re dealing with within seconds.

There are four types of clients, here is an outline of the types and how to recognize them.

The “only do what’s fun” client

These clients are motivated by fun, end of story. They don’t care about what makes sense. And they are easy to spot. Striking up a conversation with them (something you should try to do with all your clients) will lead to a conversation about how much fun they had at a party or at the beach. Notice the word they use, fun or exciting will come up a lot.

One thing you should know about these type of clients is that they hate critics. Just go with the flow and don’t argue with them, if they say something that you disagree with don’t say so. They will get into an argument with you just to show you that they know better, and the more wrong they are the harder they will fight.

As long as you can prove to them that what they buy will lead to them having more fun they will but. This is also the type of clients that will bring a product back for a refund. They are unstable and can’t own up to their decisions.

The “get to the point” client

These clients will not like to talk a lot. They always have something else to do and are in a hurry. They just want something that will do the job at a price that makes sense to them and they are out the door.

These clients want their purchase to make sense otherwise they won’t buy. and once they did they are not likely to ask for a refund. They have no time to come back if it’s not productive, and they are totally comfortable with their decisions.

The “I want to know every little detail before I make a move” client

Sounds like a mouthful ha? They are much more annoying in real life. These are the clients that will come to your business and ask questions for days. To make a sale with this type of clients you have to make sure you have answered all their questions. You need to keep asking them if they have all the information or if there’s anything else they would like to know.

Identifying these clients is not going to be hard. They will also have a lot of questions after buying the product. One cool thing about them is that they represent a minor percentage of the population.

The “emotional” clients

With these clients, you have to be very careful. They also represent a small percentage of the population. The issue with them is that they take everything to heart. Saying the wrong thing will hurt their feelings and they will never come back.

I hope you found this post helpful, if so like it and share it with your friends. And while you’re at it, check out my ebook ‘level up your business’ a guide to starting your own business the right way.


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