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Why I choose to use Ubuntu as my main operating system

When it comes to gaming nothing beats windows, but when it comes to working I need stability. I have tried windows and mac OS in the past and they don’t even get close the experience of using Ubuntu for work for a few reasons.

It’s much more stable

It allows you to do your job. The system never interferes with anything you do. Even updates are done in the background and don’t force you to restart. You never run into that annoying situation when you look at the keyboard to type and something popped up and the system stopped registering your input. I remember that used to annoy me more than anything.

There’s nothing to be afraid of

There are no viruses or spyware to worry about. And no search engine hijacks chrome. You can do anything you want without having to worry about reformatting your computer.

It rarely crashes

The system runs much smoother and there are almost no crashes. I mean it, I have never had a crash and never lost my data (at least so far)

It uses most of the software you already know

The default browser is Firefox, I use Vlc, Open office and most of the programs I used when I was working with windows. If you want to install something new there are many programs that support Ubuntu including Chrome, skype, FileZilla etc.

Linux is not as scary as some people think, it’s a much more pleasurable OS than windows or mac OS. And if you have an office with ten computer it’s free price tag will save you thousands of dollars.

Another thing with Ubuntu is that it takes 10 minutes to install, it found all the drivers and has an office suite ready to go. There really is no reason to use any other program.

I hope you found this post helpful, if so like it and share it with your friends. And while you’re at it, check out my ebook ‘level up your business’ a guide to starting your own business the right way.



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