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How to spot an inexperienced manager

Everybody wants to be a manager today, but not everybody is qualified for the job. Some people think that being a manager is the same as being the boss, that’s just stupid. Some think that being the manager means that everyone has to do as you say, that’s even dumber. Being a manager means knowing your team’s strengths and weaknesses and combine them to get the optimal result.

I hear managers whining all the time about workers that are awesome at their jobs but are constantly a few minutes late to work. Is the person doing his job? Is he putting in the hours? Then what is your problem? This isn’t a perfect world, we’re not all robots that perform exactly as you want us to. All you can hope for is good enough if you’re getting something better you have no right to complain. A good manager leads by example not from his corner office.

Your job as a manager

Your job as a manager is to solve problems for your team. Is someone not performing? If so why is that? Your job is to find the problem even if the team member doesn’t recognize it. And find the best solution to get him back on track. Remember your just one person, you can’t do everything yourself. But you can take a step back, see the process, and optimize as you see fit. Your indicator is the bottom line, is the company making more money? Is it running more efficiently? If so you’ve done your job, if not you did nothing. Screaming at the top of your lungs at your team will do nothing to change that.

Good managers are not just respected by their team but also loved. And if you ever find yourself in a bad spot your team will have your back, working long hours as needed. Those are your only two indicators, the bottom line, and your team’s admiration. If you have both your an awesome manager if you have only one your ok. Crappy managers lack in both.

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