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The why and the why now

Sales is an art, an art of finding the right product for the right people. Many people who work in sales are not real salesmen, they think that forcing someone to buy or manipulating them is considered sales. In order to find the right product for the right client, you need to understand everything you can about the product. When I was working for 4chef a high-end kitchenware retailer I was the top salesman in the entire chain. Was I better than anyone else? No. I just took the time to understand how the product work.

To be a real salesman you only need to answer two unasked questions for the client, why and why now.


Most of the time the client doesn’t know that he needs a certain product, he just knows he has a problem. It’s your job to know what product can solve his problem. The better your product fixes the problem the better the chances that the same client will come back to you when he needs something else.

Remember the first time the clients enters your place of business you had to get him there. whether you paid for advertising or give him a discount. Your real profit starts from the second time the clients comes to you and his referrals.

Why now

Why now, is the closer. While knowing what can solve the problem is an effective way to match the product with the client, why now is the most effective closer. People have a hard time making up their minds, it doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with your pitch it’s jus how it is. That’s why the most common answer is “I have to think about it”.

Giving a reason to take action now is the most important part of the sale otherwise, why would the clients take action at all. The why now differs from business to business. Find a reason for the clients to take action on the spot, a discount, supplies running out etc.

The “way now” also helps you with clients that just can’t buy on the spot. You could give them an extension of the sale or whatever it is you offered them. For a limited time of course.

I hope you found this post helpful, if so like it and share it with your friends. And while you’re at it, check out my ebook ‘level up your business’ a guide to starting your own business the right way.



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