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You can’t go from a no to a yes without a maybe in the middle

When you push someone their first reaction is to push back. In too many negotiations whether it’s sales, retention or anything else, we have to take our time. We have to understand that we can’t change someone’s mind in a heartbeat, some people just need some time. And finding the right partner is far better than just closing a deal.

The steps

Before we can change anyone’s mind we have to know what the problem is. Why doesn’t he want to move forward? What’s bothering him? And what we missed? Most times our client has a checklist in his head and the only reason he’s talking to us is that everyone else missed al least on of his list items.

The best way to understand our client is to listen to him, ask as many questions as you possibly can. Why your pitch doesn’t make sense to him? What he thinks is missing? Once you have that information you can move him to a maybe. Understand that when someone was opposed to an idea and we push him too fast we might burn him, or we might just be setting ourselves up for an unstable deal.

Whenever you deal with clients, employees or leadership you have to ask yourself “how would I react if I was the other person?”. Because at the end of the day you’re not dealing with just another number on your spreadsheet, you’re dealing with a person. And closing a deal just to have it overturned is not just a waste of your time, it’s tarnishing your good name.

So when you feel like you have taken a step in the right direction stop. Let the other side think about your conversation and continue another time. If he ends up closing a deal with someone else so be it, you can always find someone else. You want people who are truly on board with you, not people who will question every decision you make till the end of time.



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