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Adapt to your audience, don’t expect them to adapt to you

One of the biggest mistakes self-employed professionals make is that they expect their clients to adapt to them. Weather is their schedule, their needs or just they way they work in general. The problem with that is that there will always be someone who will be a better fit for your clients and they will start migrating. if you Adapt to your audience you will eventually keep more clients and your business will grow faster.

Should you turn your world upside down?

No. Clients are just clients, they are not your family. Haveing said that you have to understand that people are generally lazy and will take every opportunity to slack off. So to keep up with them you need to keep asking questions. Is this what you wanted? Is there anything else I can do for you?

Let’s take an example of a website builder

Most website builders are working with international customers, that means that their schedule might have to change dramatically depending on the countries that they work with most. They can work with Australia, the middles east etc.

Adapting your work hours to the country you work with most is a safe bet. We all make mistakes, I don’t care how good you are you’re included. And having that mistake linger for 24 or even 12 hours might piss off the client. Being able to fix things in relative real time would keep your client happy. Especially since most of your competitors will expect the clients to adapt to them.

This is just a small example, I’m sure that there are other obvious and less obvious things you can do to make your clients feel special. Is this applicable to every business? Of course not. But keep this idea in mind when planning your business, the little things you do might have a bigger effect than the overpriced advertising you’re thinking about.


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