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Make your own rules

Most people look to the rest of the world before making a move. The problem with that is the rest of the world might be wrong.

Just because everyone does it, doesn’t mean it’s a good idea

We live in a world where everyone is copying everyone else, but sadly the person that is being copied doesn’t always know what to do. We see it everywhere in business, advertising, pricing, and sales method. If you decide to keep copying someone else the best you can ever do is become a poor version of him.

“If you study my game you enter my game. And I’m better at it than you.” -Marcelo Garcia

In the arena, you could clearly see that Marcelo Garcia knew what he was doing. In business you could be copying an idiot, do you really want to enter an idiot’s game?

What does making your own rules mean?

The first thing it means is that you have no competition. Even if there are thousands of businesses selling the same goods as you are, they are not you and there for can’t even compete with you. It means that you’re starting from zero and you have to find your own way. You check every step you make to find out if you could have done it better. You charge more because you’re worth more. And you find a way to make your business work no matter what.

Don’t fear failure, fear not trying. At your last moments, you don’t care about your mistakes, you regret the things you didn’t do.


You don’t need to copy anyone else. You have all the information you could ever need, just use it and carve your own path. No one can tell you that you failed because you can’t fail until you give up.


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