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Don’t become the theoretical know it all

We see failure all around us, new business owners who have no idea how their business should work crash and burn. That pushes you to learn as much as you can before you take your first step. But failing to take action makes all the knowledge you have useless.

Knowing is not the same as doing, think of knowing as a movie without the soundtrack. You can’t possibly enjoy it, you have to hear the music, the dialogs. It the same with anything else you do, you have to combine learning with action to get the most out of it.

Spotting the theoretical know it all

Once in a while, you will run into someone who thinks that understanding a problem is the same as solving it. Whether it’s in a technical field, sales or anything else. Don’t get me wrong these people are not simple, they have the theory down but they have never taken action. So they don’t know exactly how to implement their knowledge, they just think they do.

And they will be easy to spot if you have any experience in your field. Their advice will make a lot of sense, but to those with real world experience, they will stick out.

The world is not as symmetrical as we would like to think. Things more often than not don’t work the way we think they should and experience will allow you to tell the difference.

How you can avoid this trap

Never stop taking action even if you’re not sure what action you should be taking. Keep learning but make sure you’re using that knowledge as a supplement to your actions. And when you do something the backfires stop and analyze what happened. Then try it again with some minor variations.

This advice might seem obvious to people who have been in business for a while. But based on questions I get on quora this is not obvious to everybody. Whatever you do make sure it’s taking you closer to your goal if it’s not and you don’t know what to do ask for help.



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