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7 tips to make your business grow like crazy

We all want financial Independence but it seems to take forever to grow your business. It can seem like you’re losing more clients than your closing. My first business grew like crazy and I made more money than I knew what to do with. I was 20 years old at the time so my method was different, but the same rules still apply. In this post I’ll show you how to flood your business with customers that will stay with you for years, allowing you to have the financial freedom you always wanted.

#1 Attack all fronts both online and off

The first thing you need to do is get more clients, how are you getting clients today? You might be using Google ad words, Facebook or SEO. Whatever it is it’s just no enough, if it was providing you with all the clients you wanted you wouldn’t need this post. So, how do you flood your business with leads?

When I started my business I was attacking three fronts. I was going door to door recruiting new clients, I was giving out letters to all the businesses in the area with a short pitch and a business card and I was running a referral program. I found that if you want to overbook yourself you need to have at least three streams that generate leads for you.

#2 Test and optimize

Not all lead generators are created equal, so you’re going to have to follow the results your getting and optimize accordingly. Start an excel sheet for each of the lead generators you’re working with and calculate how much a close costs you on each of them. Some forms of lead generation can be really cheap, but are they worth it? The price of the leads don’t mean anything, the cost of a close is everything.

Do you close one in ten? One in five? If a lead costs you a dime buy you’re closing one in 100 you pay $10 per close. If you’re paying $1 per lead and closing one in five you’re closing at $5. If a lead generator is too expensive replace it ASAP. You would be surprised how many businesses keep paying thousands of dollars a year to shitty lead generators because they simply don’t monitor their results.

#3 Find them don’t force them

Your business is meant to support you for the rest of your life so you want to focus your efforts like you’re running a marathon, not a sprint. That’s exactly how you should be closing your customers. Your goal shouldn’t be to shove a sale down your prospect’s throat. It should be to find the right clients for your business.

So instead of pushing the sale, ask more questions. Find out what your leads are really looking for and help them understand that you are their best option.

#4 Plant the seed

It’s hard for most people to make up their minds, so give them some time. But you have to plant the idea of buying your products or services. When you question them, describe your product using their words. This is your real pitch the rest of the conversation is just small talk. Make sure that your pitch is answering their “why”, make sure they understand why buying your product is the answer they’re looking for.

#5 Filter your clients

The club you want the most is the club that won’t let you in. Filter your clients, make sure that they are as good a fit for you as you are for them. Don’t just sell to make a quick buck, think of you clients as a family. If you were to recreate your family who would you pick and who would you leave out? That’s exactly what you’re doing here.

#6 Retain them for as long as you can

Once you have your new family love them as if they really were your family. Give them better deals than your new clients, Offer them new products before you sell them to new clients. Make your clients base into a secret member’s club that’s worth being a part of. And the longer a client has been with you the better the deals he’s offered.

When you give you clients a good reason to stay they will. Most clients leave because they feel used when companies offer better deals to newcomers.

#7 Get them to bring everyone they know

Start a referral program. Your satisfied clients are your best salesmen, so use them to grow your business. Give them something for referring their friends and family to you. Make sure it’s something they need and use. If your business is service based and they need to use often give them a free hour, or a substantial discount on a product for a closed referral.

Reward only closed referrals otherwise you will pay more than you earn. In time this will be your biggest lead generator. You’re only one person, but when you convert all your clients into salesmen your business will grow faster than you can imagine.


Your business is not your products, it’s your clients. Treat them right and they will support you forever. And make sure you show them how much you care about them from time to time. You do that and they will stick with you. Once you retain so many clients while having them refer new clients to you, your business really will grow like crazy.


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