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Don’t try to push the most expensive product

Do you see dollar signs when a new client enters your place of business? If so you’re not alone. We all have bills to pay, and it would be so easy if people just bought the most expensive products we have. But if we want them to come back we have to think long term. How annoying is it when you take your car to the shop and they offer you a part that costs 10 times what an alternative would cost?

I worked with a phone distributor once. An old lady came to the store, she wanted to buy a new phone. One of the Reps offered her one of the newer Flagship models. This is exactly my point, We’re talking about an old lady here. She’s not going to use that phone to do anything else but make phone calls. So why would you sell her such an expensive phone?

This old woman Returned to us several times complaining about issues with her phone. She doesn’t understand how to use a smartphone, she should have been sold an old type phone with buttons. But instead, that representative just wanted to make as much money as he possibly could. And in the process tarnished the Distributor’s name.

Your business is meant to be here for a long time. There’s no point in working short-term, in every interaction think what is the best thing you can do for the client not for yourself. Because at the end of the day your client is your business, and the day you forget that is it that your business is done.



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