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Criticism is your fastest way to improve

People fear criticism like the plague, why would you allow anyone to have so much power over you? Why would you take what someone else says personally? It’s their opinion, not yours. But there is power in criticism if you allow yourself to detach your feelings and listen to the advice you’re getting.

If a client doesn’t care about your brand or product he would just leave. If he’s criticized it he’s telling you what’s the aspect of your product he doesn’t like and implying that he likes the rest of it. Imagine that you’re at a bus top and there’s a guy there looking at you. He gets close to you and tells you you’re ugly then just waits there. Why doesn’t he leave? He’s waiting for a response.

People don’t complain when it’s something really big, they just assume that it’s not going to get fixed or that the company is incompetent. But when everything is generally ok and there’s something bothering them they will raise hell.

Listening to your clients and fixing whatever is bothering them will have a domino effect. If it’s bothering someone it’s most likely bothering a few more clients. Having fixed the problem before they even bring it up will show your clients that you are aware of their needs and are working hard to take care of them, and they don’t even have to say anything.

Next time someone criticizes you listen to what they have to say. After that break the criticism down to what is just a rant, what you can fix and what is not worth fixing.


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