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People buy what they want not necessarily what they need


Have you ever tried to convince somebody that what they’re doing is wrong?  I’m pretty sure you have, so you know how difficult it is.  It’s pretty much the same thing when you try to sell something to somebody, you know it’s something that they need but unless you can convince them it’s something they want they’re not going to make a purchase.

That’s why so many people spend thousands a year on video games, but won’t spend half of that learning how to develop themselves or start a business. People associate the things they need like going to the dentist and associate things they want with fun things like candy. So if you’re selling something people want it’s not going to be that complicated. Case in point drug dealers, they really don’t have a hard sell they just have to offer their product.

If you’re selling something people need you can’t approach the issue from the position of this will help. You need to show exactly how it’s going to help them, and you need to be as visual as possible. People tend to run towards things they want and run away from things they don’t. So show them how your product is going to help them avoid the things they don’t want. That’s one of the reasons you need to ask so many questions. You need to get to know your client and understand exactly what his problems are so you can associate the solution with your products.

You need to use his words and expressions to make him feel comfortable with you and your products. If he explains that his smartphone is too slow don’t tell him about the octa-core processor your phone has explain how quickly it loads facebook. The more you practice this the better you will get, and the better you get the more products you will sell.



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