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Don’t be afraid to fail you can always try again

People are afraid to fail while they should be afraid of not trying at all. It’s not like someone will take you to the shed and put a bullet in you, you’re just trying something new. It might work or you might learn something, either way, you will progress.

Where did this fear come from

In school, we learned that if we fail once (like in a test) the results are catastrophic. Let’s be clear about something, school doesn’t get you ready for life it does little more than make you a compliant worker. You’re taught in a way to discourage creativity. You learn a set of rules that are the complete opposite from the real world and expected to follow them, if not you’re punished.

That’s one of the reasons that people who left school early are the ones you read about as the world’s multi-billionaires. I’m not telling you to quit school, I’m telling you to start thinking for yourself. As in anything else take away from school anything that might help you in the future. Math, history, how to learn more effectively.

forget the limitations that are forced upon you and get in the habit of trying out new things. Never fear to fail it’s the only way to grow.


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