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The difference between cold calls and sales calls

When calling prospects in any field you have three basic type of “sales calls” you can make. You can call leads, lists, and cold calls. There are a few basic differences between them that you need to be aware of before you start the conversation so that you don’t lose a potential client.

Types of calls

Cold calls

This is the least time effective type of calls you can make. Cold calls are made to random people who don’t even know you’re going to call them. They didn’t show any interest in your product or service.

If you want to use this method to generate new leads you can use cold calls as a screening service. Converting random people to leads after they show some kind of interest. Screening can provide you with high-value leads, but never try to sell to a cold call (unless you like processing refunds).


Lists could have been leads at some point. They usually used to be leads for another company or product. The only difference between them and cold calls is that they showed some kind of interest in the past.

As with cold calls, I would not recommend trying to sell them on any idea. But they are better for screening as they were interested in the past.


Leads are prospects that have shown interest in the product or service you’re offering. They are ready to hear your sales pitch. There are many types of leads and levels of willingness to buy your product.

Leads can also be “cooked” to make sure they will buy more. As well as “cooked” after they don’t buy.



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