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Ignorance is only bliss for the ignorant

There are many different levels of ignorance, but I think the most common one is laziness. I don’t believe that people are stupid. Don’t get me wrong I mean some people just have some sort of disability and I don’t mean to make fun of them. In fact, I respect them because they are the sort of people that will never cheat or lie to you.

But that’s not the type of ignorance that gets on my nerves. I’m talking about extreme laziness, people who do the minimum required just to keep their jobs or to keep from being thrown out on the street.

We’ve all ran into This phenomenon in the DMV. Here in Israel specifically it’s the Social Security office but making fun of those workers is not the point of this blog post.  Our brains tend to work on an automatic state and in that state, we don’t try anything new. It’s like you’re visiting your friend and he asks you to get the salt from the cupboard.  You know that you’re not sure where the salt is, so your first reaction is “I don’t know where the salt is”.  He tells you where the salt is, but you can’t find it.

that’s how most people live out their lives, in an automatic mode not paying attention to anything around them.

So how can you get out of an automatic mode?

Whenever somebody asks you to do something that you’re not familiar with stop what you’re doing and think about what they asked.  if it’s something you don’t know how to do maybe you know somebody who does. getting out of automatic mode doesn’t mean that we know how to do everything it just means that we’re not lowering ourselves to the intelligence level of a vending machine.

Maybe you don’t even understand the question?  You don’t have to know everything.  But getting out of this automatic mode going to vastly improve your interactions with other people.  Whether it’s business or pleasure you have to get used to switching gears.

In conclusion,  people’s laziness can really get on your nerves. But there’s no justification whatsoever Insult somebody else’s intelligence. If you see somebody operating in automatic mode ask your question again and try to be polite. If they get testy with you that’s on them, it just means that they’re not mature enough to handle the conversation.


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