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Don’t micromanage work with your team

When you work alone you’re free to do things as you see fit, when you’re working with a team it’s a different story. It doesn’t matter that you’re the manager if you try to impose your methods on your team you will find yourself either doing the work alone or with never ending conflict.

As a manager, your job is to make sure things run smoothly, that everyone hits their goals. You can advise but you can’t micromanage. Let’s take a call center, for example, managers like to listen to call as they take place and that’s ok. But when they start whispering answers to the team member that on the phone they completely screw up the conversation. The person on the phone loses his place and forget what he wanted to say. Not to mention that you make him question himself no matter how good he might be.

The right way to improve your team

Start off the day by telling everyone what was good about yesterday. How many sales there where and how they improved lately. Not just to make them feel better, most people will work harder just to hear their manager say that they improved. Then take a random call every day and listen to it as a group.

After the call is over ask the group what they would have done differently. Then and only then do you give your two cents. Handling feedback in this manner will allow the person receiving it to feel that the feedback is coming from a position of respect. After all, everyone’s calls are being listened to and everyone is giving advice. Not only that but when someone gives advice to another team member he will notice when he makes the same mistake and corrects it.

No one wants to look like an idiot and make the same mistake after he called it out.


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