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Breaking the mental barrier, how seeing something done can open your mind

Too often our limitations are not set by the world around us, but by our own Beliefs.  You’re able to do 20, 30 maybe 50 times more than you think you can. I’m not going to go into how all these limitations got into our heads, but it’s years training to think wrong. I just heard a Tim Ferriss podcast with David Blaine and in it, they talked about how people can do things they never thought they could after seeing somebody else do it.

There are countless Times in history that people did not believe they can do something until they saw somebody else to it first. How is that one person able to break the barrier? How is that one person able to do something that to all of us think is impossible? Is he superhuman? Does he have abilities you don’t? The answer is no to both.

Anyone who’s ever had a significant breakthrough was able to do at least two things. One, he was able to deal with his setbacks. People who are willing to fail don’t even call it failure they just call it setbacks. And second, he didn’t compete against the rest of the world he was competing against himself.

Take all the greatest basketball Stars Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, I would have named more but I’m not a sports fan. Anyway, when you asked every single one of them how they got to the point they did. They all said pretty much the same thing ‘I expected more from myself than anybody else could ever expect’. Now I know that you’ve heard this before the question is, why didn’t you act on it?

The answer is probably because you let other people impose limitations on you. I’m not saying you should put on Cape and jump off the roof. I’m saying that you should ignore I mean completely ignore what other people think. Completely ignore the limitations that they think you have. If you want to do something go ahead and do it, and compare yourself only to your past performance.

Improvement is a graph it never goes directly up or directly down. It moves in waves and you have to understand that you’re going to have some good days you’re going to have some bad days.

But don’t don’t let that stop you. Keep pushing yourself And when you get back to your notebooks and your charts you’ll see that you had incremental improvements. That’s how athletes are built that’s how business is built. So you really have no excuse, open your mind if you want something go out and get it. And don’t let anybody stop you. 


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