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Stop comparing yourself to other people

The division is always the same, 10% of the group is in the top 10% on the bottom and the rest are in the middle. But it doesn’t have to be that way, we just have to stop comparing ourselves to other people and start working on ourselves.

How the comparison is hurting us

When we focus on the starts of the group all we do is convince ourselves that we are not as good as they are (something that is clearly not true). When we do so, we start a downward spiral to failure. We convince ourselves that we suck, then we take less action and get weaker results. And since we got poorer results we convince ourselves that we suck even more, and the loop is endless.

How can we get out of this loop

Easy, we just compete with ourselves and not with others. If we reach a certain goal we have to do our best to pass that goal next month. It doesn’t matter how well everyone else is doing, as long as you do better than you did yesterday you will keep growing. Soon you will be one of those starts.



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