Posted in Mindset

What are you hiding?

Too many business owners hide information from their clients in the hopes that it will make the sale easier. What they don’t understand is that it will make their lives a living hell. When you start a business relationship with lies or half truths you’re asking for trouble.

Providing the information can only help you filter your prospects. If you have the call 100 leads and can filter them to the 5 or 10 that are actually going to buy. And not just that, buy from a position that they really need the product and can get some benefit from it. You’re way ahead of your competition.

Businesses that try to bleed their lead pool dry have to deal with a lot of chargebacks and refunds. But it’s really their own fault. They make the sale with partial information and over exaggeration of the products and services they sell. No wonder their customers are so disappointed.


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