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Why do people hate lawyers so much?

Unfortunately in business, you have to deal with lawyers from time to time. But why do we hate them so much? After all, they’re just is to upholding the law. It’s much deeper than that, it’s not their jobs but their behaviour that we hate.

If you ever had to deal with a lawyer you probably thought he’s an asshole. The reason for that is that they are full of themselves most of the time. In a post I wrote a while ago I said that I don’t believe people are stupid, they are just lazy, it’s the same here. Lawyers get so lazy that they cause more problems than solutions and being so full of themselves they think that the mistake is yours. After all, it can’t possibly be them.

How do you deal with them?

First thing is never arguing with them. I have a rule I don’t argue with a drunk, and power is a much worse form of intoxication than liquor. Just present them with facts. Which brings me to my next point, have your conversation recorded or in writing. You can’t argue with facts, and if they don’t listen sue their asses.

In conclusion

People really don’t hate lawyers they hate smart asses. As long as you don’t talk down to people they will respect you. And that goes for all of us.



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