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You know you did something wrong, do you really need a lecture?

Everybody is better than you at something, and you’re better than them at something else. We can’t all be geniuses but most of us think we are. It gets worse when we think we can impose our reasoning on other people, It causes arguments, violence and disconnects with people you care about. You have to ask yourself, is it worth it?

Knowledge will never replace experience, and the only way to get more experience is to try things out. When you did something wrong you know it, you don’t need a reminder. And you really don’t need someone to try to mold you in his image. There’s something to the saying “those who can’t do teach”.

Things pan out completely differently in theory and in practice. It doesn’t take a long time to learn what those differences are. And that makes the criticism from your managers so much more annoying.

We have all been through that, don’t do it to your employees. Instead, teach your team to come to you for advice, or better yet, create some kind of feedback loop where your team is helping each other without crossing the line between being helpful and being annoying.

When you get too many feedbacks you shut down, we all do. At that point, you’re not listening and no amount of feedback will help change the way you work. If you ask for help, you really want to know. You’re in a state where you’re open to receive the feedback and take advantage of it.



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