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Your bank wants you to be in debt

If you owe the bank money they make you feel like you screwed up, but the truth is that they profit from it. If you’re a calculated person that never spends more than you make they profit very little. Interest and all the additional hidden fees they charge us are what makes most of the bank’s income.

It’s the reason we have credit cards, they are not there to make our lives easier but to make them harder. Just like any store owner who wants you to buy as many of his products as you possibly can. They want you to go on a shopping spree, to spend way more than you earn.

Why do they do that? They want to make a profit of course. But when you buy a new TV you got something for the money you paid, when you pay off credit card debt you get nothing from it. Why pay someone just to stop harassing you? Are you talking to a reputable company or to the mob?

It’s actually much worse than the mob, this form of organisation can monitor your spending habits, where you are at the moment, and who your family members are, this should scare the crap out of you.

So why do we use credit cards? Because it’s easy. It’s much easier to use that magic card than to limit our spending, or god forbid live off our last few dollars till payday. It’s not that you’re not making enough money, it’s not that you can’t grow your income. The problem is that your paying for nothing.


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