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If you’re working too hard you don’t have time to make money

The idea that you have to work hard for money is not entirely accurate. You can’t just slack off and expect to make a lot of money, but if you work too hard you won’t have time to make a substantial profit.

When I say that I mean that as an employee there is only so much you can earn unless you’re in sales, and even that has its limits. You still need your day job to make ends meet and more importantly to stay focused on the business you’re building.

The way businesses grow, it will take you more than just a few months to reach your potential. But selling all your time to your employer will trap you. By selling all your free time to your employer you will earn more money on the spot. But you will hit a glass ceiling of how much money you can earn in a given month. In your business, you won’t be quite as limited and that’s what we’re aiming for.

I know you want that new Iphone, or that new car or home. But now is not the time. Now your job is to grow and build something for your future.


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