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Is it easier for trendsetters to build their businesses?

People have a lot of complaints, one of those complaints is not being the first to pave the way. Meaning the first breakthrough with Instagram or Facebook, The first podcaster or Youtuber. But while they are busy complaining they’re forgetting one thing. Those trendsetters had no one to show them what to do.

We don’t all want to be millionaires, even if we say we do. Most of us just want to have our bills paid without having to go to the office every day. And those who want to be millionaires should put in enough work to justify it.

Anyway, I’m just watching one of Gary Vee’s videos with Paige Hathaway, Paige is the first women’s fitness models on Instagram. She’s asking Gary for advice because there is no one in her space to guide her. Think about that next time you feel that you’re stuck. There will always be someone there to show you the way, it’s not as easy for trendsetters.

Here’s a link to the video, I hope you enjoy is as much as I did.



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