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What you should do and what you will do

There’s a clear difference between things you know you should do and things you actually will do. Most people dream big dreams but until you take action those dreams will be just that. When you start acting on the action you are willing to take you find the better action you will follow through with. Think of it like pulling a piece of thread and unraveling the design.

I keep telling myself that I will go to the gym, but something always comes up. There’s always something at work or one of my blogs needs attention, but so does my body. The action I was always willing to take is walking. I enjoy walking for hours, so I started with that. Yesterday after work I walked two hours all the way back home.

It’s just as a start and after sticking with it more actions will be included. My point is that this is, this mindset is not just for exercise, it’s for everything we do. Do you want to start a blog? A new business? Maybe find yourself a partner. Ask yourself what are you willing to do right now?

It doesn’t matter if the people around you think it’s not effective enough. It’s more important that you start taking action no matter how small the action might be.


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