Posted in Motivation

Nobody cares how old you are.

The myth of having to start off when you’re young is just that, a myth. While employers might be as dumb as a toast to hire just 20-year-olds, starting your own business has no expiration date. So what of you don’t know how to use Facebook or Twitter, you didn’t know how to drive and you learned that. Plus you have something those 20-year-olds don’t have.

You have experience. You know the difference between a shitty idea and a life-changing one. You know how the world works, you know that there are going to be ups and down because you’ve been there. So what if those 20-year-olds were born with a smartphone in their hands. They don’t have your experience.

So if you’re a 60-year-old woman that thinks you’re at the end of the line, wake up. You’re still here, and there are more opportunities today than there ever were. And guess what? Tomorrow there will be so much more.  Don’t just take my word, listen to Gary Vee.


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