I’ve been working with call centres for a few years and no matter what company it is you will always see stupidity at it’s best. Whether it’s ego, entitlement or some manager trying to show off. Bottom line, when a client is on the line there’s no time for games.

Just in case you and your team are in customer service there are a few things we need to understand. First thing being, it will take your team time to get up to speed. They will have a lot of questions. But under no circumstances are you to play games with them when they have a client on the line.

Taking too long to provide your clients answers will result in them losing their patients and choosing your competitors. And that’s not your team’s loss, it’s all on you. There will always be time to re-educate your team on anything they might be doing wrong. But when a client is on the line everything else can wait. I can’t say this enough times to emphasise how important this point is.

If someone is asking you a question he clearly doesn’t understand. No one likes to be the one that doesn’t get it. So if someone is taking his ego out of the equation the least you can do is help him. Work together, provide the best service you can, and deal with the rest later.