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Take the funnel approach in every situation

What have you tried but have never been able to do? Is it saving up for something? Finding a new job? Making a sale? Or is it finding your future partner? It doesn’t really matter. If you take the funnel approach you can do so much more than you ever thought you could.

What is the funnel approach?

Basically, the funnel approach takes into account that not all your actions or investments will pay off. It’s just being realistic. Think of a piece of coal being broken down to a point you can see the diamond in the middle.

Let’s take finding a job as an example. You can’t control how many interviews you get, how many you pass and how good you will be at that job (in most cases). You can’t even control how many phone calls you get. But what you can control is how many applications you send.

Sending applications with the funnel approach in mind mean sending thousands of application. Taking into account that about 70% of them won’t even get any attention. And more than 20% of them are not going to reach the right person in time. I would expect about 30 to 50 call out of 1000 application. The beauty of this system is that you get way more calls and interviews than you can handle. Forcing you to pick and choose the best one.

You want to find the partner of your dreams? It’s the same process. Want to get more clients, the same thing applies. As long as you keep this system in mind you can do get anything you want. 



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