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Don’t just discard new ideas, give them a shot

You know those people that can show you every way your idea won’t work? Those kind of people are everywhere in every industry. They keep breaking you down for a few reasons not the least of which is building up their own egos. We’re not talking about simple people here, they are usually very intelligent people. But being right is more important to them then getting the job done.

I just saw a video by John Morris, in it, he talks about this issue he’s having. An issue with people who spam his comment section without giving his ideas a chance. And in this specific video, he’s reading a comment from a viewer that tried his idea out and got two new jobs.

The thing that got me is that he’s getting comments based on his headlines, not necessarily the content of his videos. Something I can tell you that I have seen first hand on this blog. People will comment on Reddit or sometimes on this blog about a post without even reading it. I know they don’t read it because they raise the same issue that is discussed in the post.

I would argue that those people are just too lazy to try something new. Or are too afraid of change to do something they are not sure of. The bottom line is you’re here because of the road behind you, not the road ahead of you. If you want your life to change you’re going to have to try new things.


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