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Don’t get mad get paid

When I was fixing computers I had to deal with clients that were constantly trying to scam me into giving them service for free. The worst part about it is that I used to carry that anger with me all day long. Until a friend gave me an idea, don’t get mad charge more.

We all have those clients we wish we didn’t have to work with. One of the advantages of owning your own business is to fire the occasional client. Sometimes that client can take up time you could have used to get two or more other clients. But sometimes he just pisses you off enough to ruin your mood but he’s still a paying customer and you don’t want to lose him.

I posted two ideas in the past about this kind of situation. How to filter clients and how to charge more without losing your clients. I decided to combine those two and came up with different prices for my clients based on their grade. Instead of just firing the client I would increase his charge per hour, what is he going to do leave me? I was going to fire him anyway.

I did not expect that some of them would actually pay more just to work with me. Now don’t go around telling them that you charge them more. Just explain that you are increasing your prices, and let them decide if they want to keep working with you.


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