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Should you quit your job?

Everyone gets pissed off at their job from time to time, but that doesn’t mean you have to quit. There is, however, a time when you should. That’s the focus of this post, explaining logical reasons to leave your job.

Your job is taking up most of your time and should at least cover your living expenses. Your job does not have to cover an upgrade to your car or home that’s on you. But it has to cover your bases, rent, food, bills, and transportation with a little left over. The problem is that most jobs don’t do that. Not only that but they take up so much time you can’t start another cash flow stream, A side business, another job, whatever.

Let me be clear, you boss only cares about his bottom line, not your well being. If you can’t pay your rent or get evicted he can’t care less, that’s your responsibility.

So what do you do?

You diversify. Your time is a currency like any other and spending it on a job that doesn’t cover your expenses is a poor use of it. Start off by calculating exactly what your expenses are, then find a job that will cover the bigger part of them. As for the rest, you can either find another job or start a side hustle (side business).

Why would you do that?

There are many things that happen behind closed doors in every business, and yes even in your job. Those things dramatically affect your earning potential. In good months you’ll do fine the problem in that your expenses are not taking into account that you have some bad months. So the best thing you can do is split your time between two income generators. That way when one is having a good month the other might not be having as good of a month.

Every business is seasonal so make sure not to choose the exact same field for both of your income streams.



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