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Why customer service matters

Most new business owners think that when they get clients it’s a done deal but it’s not always the case. In fact getting a customer in the first place is very expensive and most times doesn’t even allow you to break even. It’s only when you sold that client additional products for the third or fourth time and got some referrals from him that he starts to be profitable.

I just saw another video from Gary Vee with Jon Taffer explaining this idea to a restauranteur in Tennessee. You can see that video here.

New business owners are so busy chasing their own tails that they forget to make their clients feel a connection with their business. Don’t forget that your customers are constantly courted by your competitors and most of them are going to employ dirty tricks. They are going to say anything they have to in order to get your customer to dump you and buy from them. The only thing that’s going to keep people coming back is the good service and dependability you provide.


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