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The wrong way to haggle over prices

One of the reasons I hate working with Israeli clients is the haggling. When I come up with a price I didn’t just pull it out of my ass, I have gone through my pricing quite a few times. So having someone who knows nothing about the process or what the job entails arguing over the price is just too much.

But wait, it gets worse. As bad as haggling over the price when negotiating is, some Israelis like to step up their game by haggling after the job is done. After you have no more leverage, you did your part and now need to get paid. This is one of those disgusting habits that make me understand why the whole world hates us.

Unfortunately, this happens everywhere. You can start a job and once you’re overperforming your commissions will get cut down. You can be a loyal customer for years and then have your price go up while new customers pay 10% of what you’re paying for the same service. This post is not just a rant, it’s point is to show you that if everyone hates Israelis there’s a reason for it.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. We could learn from our mistakes and start behaving like fully grown adult human beings. Or am I just dreaming?


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