One of the blogs I follow is called ‘Small business trends‘. And in one of it’s latest posts got me thinking about starting a youtube channel. The post goes through 50 ideas for videos. You can find that post here, and here are my thoughts on the videos I would like to make. 

My first Idea was to start a vlog or podcast. I think most people don’t have the patience to read blogs posts no matter how short they are. Putting my idea into audio format can increase the traffic to this blog and attract more readers. As well as give people the opportunity to get whatever they need on the run.

The second type of videos I’m thinking of making is Q&A’s. People have a lot of questions about starting a new income stream, and more times than not they chose a strategy rather than an outcome they need. The problem with that is that strategies don’t always pan out, but you still need that outcome. I think but answering questions in video or audio form I can get them thinking and expand their plans.

We would usually do more for other people than we would do for ourselves. So while I’m trying to get over how much I dislike the sound of my recorded voice, it would help to get some feedback. Is there anything you guys need help with? Do you have a preferred media you would like me to post in? Video or audio? Please let me know in the comments below.