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Breaking through your glass ceiling

No matter how good you are there is always a limit to every strategy. Eventually, you’re going to hit a glass ceiling. But that doesn’t mean you have to accept it. The fact that there is a limit your current strategy doesn’t mean you’re at a dead end.

You have some experience now so just throwing a hail Mary isn’t going to cut it. Now that you have a working system you can deconstruct it and rebuild another one including the parts that worked well and tweaking its limitations. Notice that I don’t replace the current system, I just add another one.

In any business, you should have at least three income streams. Take John Morris for example. The three income streams I know he uses are Youtube ad revenue, PHP courses, and website design. He likely has a few more that I didn’t notice, and that exactly the way you should work. There will always be times when one part of your business is outperforming the others. And it’s going to rotate, some months are better for one aspect while others are bad.

Let’s get back to issue, rebuilding a system that already works but has hit a glass ceiling. Let’s assume you’re in John’s shoes, and the website design aspect of your business has hit a glass ceiling, not allowing you to grow it any longer. The bottleneck is you because you’re selling your time. The could easily happen to any other part I’m just taking this one because it’s more obvious.

You wouldn’t want to outsource an entire website to a freelancer because that wouldn’t be your work and people who have worked with you in the past would notice. But you could start getting a team together and have them take on parts of the creation process. You could hire someone to take care of marketing allowing you to focus more on your art. You could always have elements of the site prebuilt to make the construction easier.

You see where I’m going with this? The only limits you have are in your head. If you find yourself hitting a glass ceiling, you can always add another income stream or repurpose a working one.  


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