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On paper everything looks good, How is your implementation?

We are all good at setting goals. I’m going to lose this much weight, I’m going to make this much money, etc. But most of us fall short when it comes time to do the work.

Nothing comes easy, and if you are determined to get a certain goal, you have to be ready for the hard times. I have a friend who is a structural engineer, and he told me once that when you build a bridge you have to take into account twice the maximum amount of weight that bridge will ever have to carry. That’s the only way to assure that bridge will not collapse.

That’s how you should view your goals. I know that’s how I view mine. When I calculate sales funnel I go all out. If I want to sell 100 units, I calculate it as 3% of the total leads I get (the lowest percentage I have ever seen converted). That brings me to 3,333 leads, And I don’t stop there. I calculate the leads as 3% of the traffic I need, which brings me to 111,111 visitors. And then I double that to 222,222 visitors.

There’s a saying here in Israel. Hard time in training results in an easy war. If you got 222,222 visitors to your site, I’m willing to bet you would have more than 100 sales (if your site converts correctly). But my point is, there is almost no way you won’t reach your goal with those numbers.

Yes, I understand that those numbers are hard to reach. But as Larry Page once said, when you aim really high it’s impossible to fail completely. Meaning if you only get 10% of those visitors you will still have 22,222 visitors. Maybe you won’t make 100 sales but you will get close.


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