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The one thing you have to come to terms with if you ever want to be rich

Sadly not everyone can be rich, for some people doing this one simple thing is too hard. And without it, they will never make any real progress. And it’s not just about money, This closed mindset will eventually screw up their entire life. So what is this poisonous belief?

They think they are always right

Besides the unbelievable hubris, not learning how to improve no matter the reason for it, will not allow you to change your financial situation. Just like a newborn baby can’t program, many people don’t know how to properly manage money. They don’t know how to get and manage clients, some don’t even know how to interact with other people. But that’s not the problem.

The problem is not willing to learn or improve in any way. The problem is, thinking that you’re better. I’ve seen this first hand with my friends and co workers. I’ve seen a guy argue with a pilot about the speed a plane come to a landing. I would think that the fact this pilot is still alive means that he knows what he’s doing. But the guy unknowingly annoying everybody around him thinks that even though he’s not a pilot he knows better. You tell me, how do you expect that person to learn and grow if he thinks he knows better than anyone else.

The only way to get rich

People’s obsession with money and success is a good thing. They just need to understand that the knowledge they have brought them to their current situation. If they want to change it they have to be willing to learn something new.

I promise you that knowledge is addictive, it’s probably the only thing worth being addicted to. Once you learn something new and see that it automatically improves your income you will consume as much information as you possibly can. And that mindset will make you rich.


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