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Is your CRM screwing up your business?

We are all humans and can’t possibly remember all our clients and tasks, that’s what CRM programs are for. The problem is that programmers are more times than not like the rest of us. They have flawed logic and think like machines. A CRM is not just meant to keep data, but to display it in a manner that allows the user to get the information he needs when he needs it.

So here’s a list of unacceptable flaws a CRM can have that are causing you to lose money.

An unorganized CRM

Sounds stupid I know. But sadly there are a lot of CRM’s out there that have no way to organize. By that, I mean that you can’t mark an action on the list of contacts indicating that you have completed a task. Either marking or removing them from the list is crucial to work quickly and efficiently.

CRM’s that don’t allow you to mark your tasks cause you to go over and over the same contacts. This is the main reason CRM’s were invented, providers that don’t get this simple concept should not be allowed to slow your business down.

A CRM that is too slow

The employees get paid for their time but you don’t. The more actions you can take in a day will determine how much money you can make (I’m talking about your whole team here). Thank god we’re not in the dial up era, we shouldn’t have to work as if we are. CRM software sends and receives text from the server, so there’s no excuse for slowness. I’ve seen CRM’s with up to 5 second response times. Can you grasp how much money you would lose in a 20 man call center if every action is delayed 5 seconds?

As little as it sounds, you would lose up to two-thirds of your effectiveness. That means that for every dollar you pay your team you’re flushing two more down the toilet.


I have seen only a handful of CRM’s that incorporate goals, you would think there would be more. Your workers don’t care about your business, they care about their paychecks. Instead of having to remind them what is expected of them, wouldn’t it be easier to show them? Having a gauge showing them what actions they have to take today. And how close they are to completing them will do wonders for your business. It doesn’t have to be something graphical just some indication of how many actions they still need to take today.

I have been working with a CRM for the past few weeks that fails miserably in all of the above. And my clients don’t see why this is important. I can’t help someone who doesn’t want my help, but hopefully, I can save you some money.


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